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Online Education: Math Logic and Math Problems

puzzleLogic is the application of reasoning principles. Math is the study of characteristics and operations of numbers. In earlier times, experts discovered inconsistencies in mathematics, and became compelled to solve those mysteries. Thus, their studies evolved into Math Logic: applying principles of reasoning and theory to numbers and their relationships to determine whether a particular mathematical statement is true or false.

Here, you'll find all kinds of puzzles and games. To solve the puzzles, or win the games, you'll be using math logic. These games are fun, and some will give you a real brain squeeze. Check them out, and
see how you think!

Everyday Math and Logic Problems for Everyone

  • Brain Games – Fun games with puzzles, word games,
    and logic.
  • Brain Food – Loads of logic problems, puzzles, and word
    games; there's something here for everybody.
  • Brain Games – Links to fun brain games for students and families.
  • Number and Word Puzzles – Free online number and word puzzles.
  • Learning Math – Find a few links here to several age-appropriate games.
  • Family Math Activities and Games – At this school site, find games appropriate for various age groups.
  • New Fruit Game – Here's an old game with some new appeal. Check it out.
  • Math Enrichment Topics – Explore the many math resources listed on this site, from Sudoku to discrete math.
  • Know your Algebra – Hover on a link for a question; know the answer?
  • Endless Math – On this site, find, literally, HUNDREDS of math puzzles!
  • Kids' Play – Have fun with your kids solving these puzzles and playing these games.

Math and Logic Problems for Kids

Math and Logic Problems for Teenagers

Math and Logic Problems for Mathematicians and Logicians

  • Papyrus Puzzle Game – Can you put the papyrus back together again?
  • Unsolved Problems – Are they really unsolvable? Maybe you can find the solution.
  • Logic Calculator – Learn to use a logic calculator to find the truth in a logic statement.
  • Busy Beaver Problem – Research what a Turing machine is. Then, you'll be able to solve this problem.
  • Puzzling – These are not for the faint of heart.
  • Collection – At this web page find all kinds of puzzles with math and logic. Challenging!
  • Test Yourself – Find several word problems here that require logic and math to solve.
  • Nano hunts – These must be done in your paper or writing implements allowed!
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