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Medical Billing and Coding: An Exploding Home Career Opportunity

the most challenging activity in any doctor's office involves the billing operation. That's partly because of Medicare changes (most doctors have a lot of senior patents) and partly because health insurance companies have such complex billing codes—which are not the same from one company to another—that the office managers often make mistakes, resulting in delays in payment or in outright denial. With a billing and coding certification, you will be in an ideal position to interpret and accurately complete the billing process, saving time, money and frustration for both patients and health care providers.
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Plus, thanks to the modern computer age, in many cases you can do all of the work at home with nothing more than a computer, a telephone, and perhaps a fax machine.

Ten Reasons to consider a Home Based Medical Billing and Coding Career

  1. Freedom: You choose your own hours, work in your pajamas, be a stay at home parent and still have a steady income.

  2. Low start-up costs: Most people already have a computer and a telephone in the home. The addition of some inexpensive filing boxes and fax machine will be enough equipment to get your started. Of course, you will also want your own business cards, but a lot of promotional material you may want can wait until you have a few clients.

  3. Complete your education quickly over the internet, for a rewarding career as a biller and coder specialist.

  4. Provide a needed service to patients as well as to health care providers.

  5. As the baby boomers approach retirement age, insurance filing will only get more complicated. The need for skilled billing and coding professionals is only going to increase. The better you are, the more in demand you will be.

  6. Join the health care field without the stress or demands associated with other health care careers.

  7. Choose your clients and areas. You can be in California and code for doctors in Maine, if you choose. Distance and location are no barrier. You could even work internationally if you desire.

  8. Select the freelance projects you are most interested in.

  9. Take advantage of career assistance offered by the school from which you receive your training courses.

  10. Work on the road. With the assistance of a laptop computer, you won't need to hire someone to fill in or notify the doctors that you are taking a vacation. You can take your billing and coding career with you wherever you go.

Although there is no set standard of education for Medical Billing and Coding Experts, insurance procedures and legal guidelines are becoming so demanding that health care facilities tend to look for professionals with a certificate and 9 months to 2 years of formal training at a vocational school. Those who acquire the certificate and have a qualified institution behind them will be much more in demand than people who try to pick up the training through informal study. Most companies look for experience and schooling because of the legal ramifications of incorrect billing procedures.

While Biller and Coder experts may work at a large office, for an insurance company or in an actual health care facility, many are finding that a Medical Billing and Coding career is the ideal 'work-at-home' job. It's low start up costs and freedom to choose both the type and quantity of clients, as well as freedom to set ones own working hours, are making it one of the most popular health field careers available. Get started today by checking out the classes offered by these outstanding, online schools.

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