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Medical Billing and Coding: Terrific "From Home" Career Field

those responsible for medical coding and billing learn very quickly that they cannot afford to make a mistake. Not only does an incorrect code cost the doctor and delay payment, but the wrong code could even put the patient at risk, especially if the error makes the patient seem sicker than he really is. The mistake can lead to an increase of insurance premiums and even denial of insurance coverage, depending on the nature of the error.
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That's exactly why you need professional training before launching your new career as a billing and coding specialist.

Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing jobs in the medical field because the field has become so specialized with so many rules and regulations that most doctors' bills have to be submitted at least twice before the office gets it right. The job also takes a lot of time, a willingness to be available when the doctor needs your service, and a rigid attention to detail. On the positive side, however, you can also open your own business and work from home for several doctors. This arrangement often results in salaries that are just as good as ones in a doctor's office.

Responsibilities of a Coder

A medical coder assigns CPT codes to illness, injuries and medical procedures, under a system of medical coding that is used throughout the health-care system. The medical coder receives a transcription from a doctor, usually in audio format, and converts it to a report for the provider's medical records department and creates a bill which goes to the insurance company.

Getting Started

Thanks to modern technology, you can take medical insurance billing and coding courses completely online. If you are diligent, you may be able to complete your training in as little as nine months. Of course, you can also purchase a home study course and study completely on your own, but your level of expertise will be better if you enroll in one of the numerous excellent online universities that offer Medical coding and billing. The college programs are up to date with the most modern coding techniques and requirements, and you will be able to earn a certificate that will carry more weight with a health care provider.

In addition to earning the initial certificate or degree, many universities offer refresher course at zero or low cost, thus allowing you to always be on top of the latest coding methods. Furthermore, since the career field is so widely accepted, you will also be able to apply for the same financial assistant programs available to students in other college programs.

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