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H ere you will discover highlights of some of the most popular degree programs and the universities that offer them. Much like any traditional accredited school, you will be able to apply for financial aid, obtain advice for the program you want, register for classes, and earn your degree. The big difference? You won't have to attend classes at a campus too far away from home for you to continue your job or support your family.

Check out these featured online schools:

Earn a Social worker degree online for a path to a career that will enable you to contribute to your community.

A degree in Social Work may be one of the most flexible degrees you could earn and will open doors in local offices, government positions, human resources, research and more. This degree also works well with a psychology degree as you could earn your bachelor degree in psychology and then a graduate degree in social work or visa versa.  Even a bachelor degree in social work should enable you to find work, but as with other degrees, you will discover that a graduate degree will make it much easier to obtain a position with more responsibility and more authority, not to mention a higher salary.

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Generally, a 2 year program/ 60 semester credit hours

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Generally, a 4 year program/ 120 semester credit hours

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Master's / MBA

Completion of at least one year of study beyond a bachelor's

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PhD / Doctorate

Highest degree awarded by a graduate school

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Join the medical field with a Medical Billing and Coding degree or certificate.

Earn a degree or certificate that qualifies you to work in the medical field without dealing directly with patients. Medical billing and coding is one of the most popular online programs, and the certificate can usually be obtained in less than one year of study. With the complexity of today's medical billing systems, however, many providers look for office associates who have degrees.  Thus, earning at least an associate's degree may be in your best interests.

Become a teacher and help guide America's youth with your Online teaching degree.

Regardless of the economy, the world will always need school teachers. Now you can earn your teaching degree with online study. All of your coursework can be completed through distance learning. If you want to teach in a public school system, you will also need to complete a "practicum" or student teaching assignment—usually half of a school year. Your online college will help you arrange to complete the student teaching at a school in your area. You will also need to take the National Teacher Exam (NTE) for your state, unless you teach at a private school. Most private schools do not require the NTE.

Online Law degrees offer qualified students a path to a career in a legal field.

Law degrees are one of the most recent additions to online study, having begun with the paralegal. Now, however, you can use your online education as a doorway to many different areas of the legal field.  You can study to become an attorney and eventually take your bar exam, or you can work toward one of the many other areas of the legal field such as law enforcement, criminal investigation, international relations, computer or internet crime, domestic issues, or hundreds of other areas. Like a Liberal Arts degree, a degree in law can serve as a foundation for graduate work in numerous fields.

Learn about human development and interpersonal relations with an online Psychology Doctoral degree.

Psychology is a popular online degree, but the best careers in the field often require a graduate degree. Consequently, when you research psychology degrees, you will see that many of them require you to have a bachelor degree in hand. With that, you can earn your PsyD with online study. This degree will open the door to a wide variety of counseling jobs, from family counseling to managing an HR department for a major industry. If you desire to teach your skills to others, you may be able to obtain a faculty position on the college level.  Depending on the position and location, a doctoral degree in psychology can eventually lead to a six figure salary.

Find a career in the pharmacy field with an Online Pharmacy Technician.

A Pharmacy Technician can earn up to $35,000 a year, and you can acquire the training in much less time than it would take to become a licensed pharmacist.  You will study pharmacy operations, the human anatomy, pharmacy computer systems, and will learn to understand medications and their purposes. Students who would like to eventually become  licensed pharmacists may begin with a technician's position and continue studying while they work.  If you live in a fairly large metropolitan area, finding a job should be relatively easy.

Financial Aid

An online education does not mean sacrificing financial assistance. Many online schools can assist you in locating the appropriate financial aid. One major advantage of working while you study is that many employers participate in reimbursement funding. However, but the usual TAP and PELL grants along many other methods of funding are also available. If you truly want your degree, funding can often be found.

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